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About Mirium

I have always been a seeker and observer. Where do we come from? What’s it all about? Why are we here at all? My interest led me to a channeller who inspired me to follow in the same direction. I discovered I could channel almost anything . The lightbulb switched on virtually overnight once my intent registered with The Universe. Why not try art? If that’s possible, why not music, readings...what else am I capable of achieving? The possibilities were endless and the chance to reach the other side and become acquainted with my Guides totally fascinating. As an artist I found it easy to begin channelling the artwork (with a few shaky starts). The more I practised, the more skilled I became. Ultimately in 1999, the Guides introduced me to another artist who was organising a spiritual art exhibition, ‘Kindred Spirits’, at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Museum in Sydney. Thus became a more serious approach to my art and the development of a website. My first experiments utilised pen, watercolour pencils and gouache and later pastel. Then I discovered Photoshop with the amazing scope to create and recreate original work and also to produce highly coloured and original aura and spirit guide portraits. The artwork was then eventually noticed by the editor of The Psychics Directory magazine who approached me in 2008 to write an article on auras which included my aura portraits, followed by an illustrated article 'A Guide to Spirit Guides' written for the 2013 edition.

As ‘Spirit having my human experience’, I am still enthralled by the knowledge that we have our own Spiritual Family on the other side who are always with us, whether it be Loved Ones or our Guides and Angels. My own connection with my Guides reveals so much love, acceptance, wisdom and great, great humour. They allow us to follow our own ideas on where we should be headed, but will give gentle nudges in the right direction. Sometimes we take note, sometimes we don’t - but as They tell me, nothing is ever wasted. There is only The Great All There Is, which is the culmination of the Totality of Experience, both positive and negative.

My ardent wish in making my artwork available is to make all aware that each and every one of us has a Life Purpose and that we are loved unconditionally by Spirit. All life is precious and of great meaning in the scheme of things. Therefore the Guides tell you to accept who you are and revel in your own uniqueness as Divine Spirit.