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Dreams Meaning and Analysis

Dreams are associated with the subconscious and seem to be without rhyme nor reason - however they can be interpreted in any number of ways according to the personal life experience of the 'viewer'. As an interpreter of dreams in the daily publication The Advertiser, a Wagga based newspaper, I was given the opportunity to give extraordinary clarity and meaning to those who were baffled by seemingly nonsensical images. The analyses always related to what was happening in the life of the dreamer which translated into symbolic narrative. Most analysts will give general meaning to symbols, nevertheless each individual will attach significance to these symbols according to their own experiential journey. For example, one person might see a snake as something to fear, someone else may view this as an opportunity for transformation. All is in the eye of the beholder!

Why do we dream? The physical body needs to release the stresses of the daily grind - we have the means to do this when we are the most relaxed - in our sleep, whereby we can concoct a scenario that organises our thoughts, fears and ideas into a kind of strategy or solution. What about scary nightmares - how do they solve anything? As you will see in the published analyses below, things are not quite what they seem. What appears frightening may actually be a wakeup call to challenge our thoughts and actions, and in fact offer a positive opportunity for reflection on what we worry about and fear the most.


Query 1: I have had a number of dreams in which I have witnessed catastrophic plane crashes, but I am not involved in the crash itself. What does this mean?

Answer: The plane is symbolic of personal freedom. At times we take our strengths and abilities for granted where others seem to buckle under pressure. This dream reminds you that you are in control and need not worry about problems that arise, as you can handle any situation with openness and honesty.


Query 2: I often dream about weddings but I'm not thinking of getting married - I don't even have a boyfriend! What does this mean?

Answer: Weddings are symbolic of great happiness and success for all concerned, so really you are bringing a little joy into your own life via the subconscious, as you need a boost at times. Simple as that!


Query 3: I have just had my second dream in which I tell myself I must wake myself up or I'll die, which I have managed to do. The second time it was much harder to wake myself than the first. This was traumatic and terrifying, but how did I know I was dreaming?

Answer: This scenario is really to do with your fear of facing up to the real world. Let me first reassure you that this is only a dream and will not eventuate. You are undergoing changes in your life at the moment, therefore the dream tells you that it is better to confront these full-on rather than bury your head in the sand where you will symbolically 'die'.


Query 4: I dream that I'm walking along a street with huge houses in my fluffy purple slippers. I come to a wet and dirty area with trees and rubbish where I decide to turn back so my slippers don't get dirty. Yet when I turn back they are dirty, wet and muddy anyway. In reality, my Mum is always reminding me not to wear my slippers outside in case they get dirty. What does this mean?

Answer: This is a very positive dream to do with self-expression. Slippers are symbolic of the means of getting to our destination in comfort, that is, the way I wish it. Purple? A very out there colour. Do as Mum tells me? Not likely! I'll please myself despite the consequences.


Query 5: I had a dream that I captured Osama bin Laden in my car, which in my dream was a hippy-like station wagon covered in painted flowers. I had him in the back of the car covered in a blanket, then I handed him over to the authorities. What does this mean?

Answer: You are a very caring person. Your vehicle, really yourself, is covered with flowers, indicating a joyful outlook on life. Even though you see the need to have a terrorist figure brought to justice, you still treat him with consideration. Your subconscious is giving you a pat on the back because you will always deal with anyone who upsets you in a fair and balanced manner. You are able to see both sides in any argument and will not be swayed by too strong a point of view.


Query 6: I dreamt that I was trapped beneath a clothesline. There were spiders hanging from webs all the way around the clothesline and I couldn't escape. What does this mean?

Answer: The clothesline is symbolic of a clean and fresh start. Do we really want it? We are creating our own barriers with scary webs and spiders when we should be stepping out in clothes renewed. Therefore, your subconscious tells you this: go ahead with new plans with confidence because you are putting up your own barriers to success.


Query 7: I dreamt I was driving a newly restored car and it was fabulous to drive and I was feeling very happy. Then I was at a ladies clothing store trying on winter hats and I was quite taken with an ornate winter beanie with knitted flowers dangling off the front of it. This dream left me feeling very relaxed.

Answer: This is an extremely positive dream. The fact that you are relaxed indicates that you are on the right 'road'. Changes are coming up for you but you are prepared for the 'winter chill'- the ups and downs. You are an optimist by nature and have chosen a wonderful symbol for a bright and happy personality - a decorated hat!


Query 8: My friend's sister put a sharp pin in my mouth which then multiplied. As I tried to spit the pins out, more and more would form in my mouth, cutting my inner mouth to shreds. I was in excruciating pain. I kept spitting the pins out but more would be there and they began to get caught in my throat. Eventually I was choking on the pins as they had filled my mouth so much they were now down my throat.

Answer: Pins are used for fixing or mending, however in this case they are instruments of torture. This dream indicates that you have issues to deal with within a relationship, which you see as threatening. The mouth is used for communication; the multiplying pin symbolises the hurt that you have to swallow. This will only become worse if you do not face up to what you really need to say. If you do this it will not be as bad as you anticipate.