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Readings With Mirium

Throughout my life I have always felt an empathy and sensitivity towards others. These qualities I bring into my readings, focusing on what is achievable and the most productive way to handle issues foremost on the client’s mind. At times we don’t see ‘the wood for the trees’ although the solution may be glaringly obvious to those around us, and we may just need clarification on where we are headed, with a small push over the line. Procrastination is what holds many of us back, fear of failure – ‘better the devil you know’, and so on. But when self-defeating behaviour goes against our Life Purpose, our Guides will wish to give us encouragement and support to set our expectations at a higher level. Goals that have been put on hold, dreams that are never pursued are brought out and reinvestigated in detail, and it often amazes me that the path suggested is often along the lines of what the client has been thinking, or alternatively would love to be doing. Information including names will emerge that I could not possibly know, and Loved Ones may pop in to let you know they are OK. The Guides are always interested in getting us from A to B in the most positive way by focusing on our own unique gifts and talents, as in Their view, to be inspired leads us to create our own success.

As a channeller, Spirit speaks through me, however I also use the psychic faculties of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. The Tarot cards are used an introduction to the reading, but I will primarily use my skill as a channeller with the assistance of my own high level Spirit Guides and those of the client to bring through relevant messages and future predictions. My proven accuracy, which is extremely important to me, can be viewed through personal comments on the Testamonials page.

The channelled artwork represented on the following pages including Soul, Spirit Guide and Aura Portraits is available for purchase. Readings can be accessed via phone or Skype, or face to face. Any queries or expressions of interest can be directed to

Last but not least, here listed are a few of my various accomplishments as: a Kindred Spirit in ‘The Soul In Art’ exhibition at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney (January 1999); in the 2008 Australian Psychics Directory featuring my article on ‘Auras - A Spiritual Perspective’; in the 2013 Australian Psychics Directory featuring my article on 'A Guide to Spirit Guides' and as ‘The Dream Doctor’ in The Wagga Daily Advertiser 2001 to 2004.