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My session with you gave me goosebumps! The excitment and pleasure I got out of today will amaze me for many years to come and I can't believe I couldn't look past my scepticims and come sooner. I can't wait to start my life, and the thrill of knowing what I am able to achieve with my career goals in the media industry has me dumbfounded. I feel different, exhilarated and also a little frightened, the necessary changes that need to be made will not be small ones, but will be the right ones. The idea of moving to Melbourne, which I had thought about doing for a while but didn't have quite the nerve to get out of my 'comfort zone', has never been so appealing. I can't wait to get started living my life and become the woman you envisoned me to be. Thank you. Finally I feel like my life is back on track and I can't wait to start playing the piano again!
Thank you for my reading the other day. First of all, you warned me about someone's brakes being an accident waiting to happen, my car was due for a pink slip & service so I got the mechanic to check the brakes too... Picked it up today & turns out I had no brake pads left!!! How u knew that blows my mind as they seemed fine to me, but I'm very grateful as I have a LOT of kms to travel in the next week & will have my 4 kids in the car so safety is paramount! My husband got a real kick out of some messages from his uncles including how spot on you described his uncle's dog, his beer of choice, his bad teeth (I didn't know he had dentures, he was only in his early 30's) the horse taking off on him as a kid when he was with him & a specific detail of an accordion when they went to the site his body was found. That was crazy. You picked that my husbands knee was playing up before he even told me about it & also told me someone had a sore toe.. turns out his pop had a swollen toe due to an infection in a wound from surgery. On top of all this, predictions from my previous reading still come out & some are echoed in my latest reading. I also think you explained something I've never understood in regards to my parents, my husband & I agree you hit the nail on the head with it. The notes from before we started perfectly explained where I was at when I made the appointment & I related to so much. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You have a special gift!
Gosh! I still have my notes from Mirium Peter and refer to them if I have an inkling of something that was said all that long ago! She was incredibly accurate! Amazingly gifted woman! Blessings to u! ❤
Mirium is one of many psychics/mediums that I have been to. She's very welcoming and comforting, What I found crazy was that she had notes prepared about me before I even got to the appointment. The reading was thorough and went well over the one hour session which was different to the norm but appreciated. Mirium explained as she went through the reading and allowed me to ask questions afterwards. Now to wait and see how everything plans out, One tip though - re write your notes when it's fresh in your mind, Mirium's writing is hard to read just because she is channeling so much at once and trying to get everything written down for you. I will definately be back with time and my notes with the things ticked that she has predicted!
Thank you Mirium you have an amazing talent! I returned to you again because of your very accurate readings.
A huge thankyou Mirium for the reading last night. It has made a few things clearer and a few paths l will now change and some new ones to follow! You are so very insightful and a very intriguing lady l have the privilege of knowing. Thankyou so very much for lifting a veil of confusion and feeling down to me feeling happier and having a bit more clarity to focus on xxxx
Your time is greatly appreciated.You're absolutely amazing at what you do and have such a special gift! From people I know that have had readings with you are so amazingly accurate with everything...I've had friends and then also heard from different people about how awesome and spot on your readings are.
I'm feeling so blessed to have such an awesome reading from Mirium after she picked up from a post on my ring. She has an amazing gift - I have honestly never had such an accurate reading (and I have had many). I got a lot of satisfaction from the reading. Thank you again Mirium. xx
Thank you so very much Mirium for the afternoon you gave up and spent with me last week. You did your upmost to make sure I felt at ease and that I had time to think of any questions I might need an answer too. Your insights were so welcoming, your knowing of the person I am and the person I am striving to become was so spot on. The names you gave me that you had already written down before I even got there was mind blowing, and I did find that important card I had been looking for over the past 3 weeks on Saturday, Thank you!
As for the encouragement for the years in front and the different pathways and choices for me again I can only say thank you. You have given me what I needed to challenge myself and push my boundaries more. I can do this. And writing things down for me was good as I have been able to go over that and pick up things I missed when I was with you. I look forward to our next meeting and gaining more insightful visions. Thank you so much. With blessings.
Some more feedback on other readings from the US... You are beyond great at what you do - I'm still blown away about what you told me 2 years ago. I can't stop thinking about it sometimes. Thanks a lot Mirium! You're the best!
Wow, thank you very much Mirium, that is incredible, you know absolutely nothing about me! That was amazing, thank you so very much!! I really appreciate the time you took to do that for me.
My reading with you was unlike any reading I have had before, it was so incredibly in depth, it was like you actually saw my soul, you picked up on parts of me that no one else has, it was quite mind blowing, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what the future holds & how it will all unfold, thank you SO much. xxx 
I appreciate and admire your commitment to the service of your clients... pity there aren't many in the field that put emphasis on the customer rather than their bank account.Thank you again and I look forward to catching up with you again in the future. 
You were the most spot on and detailed I've ever had...
Thank you so much Mirium for the messages. The information you gave was spot on and thank you for connecting to my nana. Highly recommend. xx
I cannot thank Mirium enough for the readings she has been kind enough to do for me. Mirium has been extremely spot on with so much forthcoming information that has meant the world to me. Mirium is very kind and sincere and terrribly accurate with a lot of information. I did think some information supplied was not relevant, however the more times I go over the information provided I find links that I had missed or have since occurred. Mirium is a beautiful person with a beautiful gift - For that and your help and kindness I thank you from the bottom of my heart - Thank you xx.
Last night Mirium did a reading for me as she has done on a couple of occasions in the past! Since meeting Mirium Peter years ago I am amazed at her incredible insights together with her astonishing gifts! I trust her above any other with every fibre of my being to give me the truth and to lead me back to a place of light! Her readings are always spot on! Bless u for again coming to my rescue last night! You are The One! Namaste!
So much came from your last reading for me It was quite remarkable. I still tell people about it. I will definitely make a booking with you. 
Again thanks Mirium - what came through re my current situation was spot on, and being able to talk to another who is able to discern what is happening spiritually/emotionally/psychologically etc. Lightens the load, so thanks again.
I've been gifted an aura energy drawing and reading by Mirium Peter. Mirium attached a channeled message to go with the drawing too - tips on how to balance my energies little better (last 2 months I've struggled a little) AND some awesome advice for my business with encouragement to KEEP GOING in the direction I'm focused on. I feel healing occurring every time I look at the pic too. 
Hi all 
My sister and wife have just recently had readings with Mirium. They cannot recommend her enough. Calming, amazingly spot on and covers all questions. They are still talking about their experiences.
Amazing reading. So much to digest, best ever reading I have ever had, thank you.