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I've had a couple of readings done by Mirium and they all have been amazingly and unbelievably accurate. To my surprise, what she predicted has come true. I've turned to her for help during difficult times and she has always guided me well and in the right direction. So I have complete faith in Mirium and her readings. (Prabha)  


I can strongly recommend a reading with Mirium. No one has ever given me such an in depth reading like the ones I have received from Mirium, one in 2003 and another this past weekend. (Carolyn)


Today I had a wonderful experience with Mirium. So many areas of my world were highlighted and it made me smile as it was total confirmation of where I'm at and headed. Thank you! (Barbara) 


I had an amazing reading from Mirium! She was very friendly and personable. I immediately felt at ease. She was incredibly accurate. She picked up on so many things that were spot on. I also had someone unexpected come through. It was a great way to get closure on something that has bothered me for most of my life. I am so grateful for the information I received during my reading and I will definitely return for future readings! (Jenn, USA) 


Mirium gives such great depth in readings on many topics such as past lives, career, love, family, passed over loved ones, and much more. She is very accurate in her readings giving great healing and insight. Mirium was right on target with the things that were going on in my life. I enjoyed connecting with her and Spirit. She has a very gentle spirit and is very easy to talk to. I had a wonderful experience with Mirium and definitely would do more readings with her. (Tiffany, USA)  


I would like to state a formal Thank You to Mirium for utilising her wonderful Mediumship gift...She provided a lot of past information that resonated with me and my son...She was able to identify names of people, places and things he loved whilst he was here in life. Wishing you all the best Mirium and I pray your gift grows and you are blessed with financial rewards. (Deb) 


I had a reading with you about 12 years ago and I think about the reading every now and again and always say I should have it done again. Well yesterday rummaging through some boxes your card (from 12 years ago) fell out onto the ground. Is that not a sign? So can I please ask when you are available to do readings? (Kristy)  


I had my first reading with Mirium today. I was unsure what to expect and Mirium made sure that I knew exactly what would be discussed and how I should approach the reading. I was looking for guidance about my career and I was offered that plus so much more. Mirium knew what was worrying me and also which career paths I was contemplating. She allowed me to ask questions if anything was unclear or I needed more information. It was a comfortable experience and I look forward to checking the many pages of notes one day in the future. (Kelly)


You get engrossed in a reading - You told me so much for which I am ever grateful as at the time I was feeling so sad, and it was so reassuring what you told me. You have a great gift. When you told me about the song 'Hello' it was a good way...nobody could have known that!! (Roz, Scotland)


Wow, just read my reading. It's so accurate. I'm in shock that everything was absolutely correct! (Vera)


Wow - thank you! The reading is spot on. All of the reading has meaning for me and my family. Thank you and many blessings! (Ruby)


My reading was informative and interesting too. Along with the past life reading, she was very kind to give me a guidance message too which resonated. Mirium, I'm grateful to you for the readings and for giving time and energy to my reading. I can say, she is a very kind and talented lady and I recommend her. Thank you hun! (Maxine)


Oh my Gosh...lump in my throat...tears in my are spot on and I thank you for sharing your gift...I AM most thankful...keep shining your light...(Tam)


Love your readings and the fact you write them down. You can go back years later and think...yes, that happened and that happened and that happened...nice! (Louise)

I'm the same. I recently found some of your readings from a very long time ago Mirium. Was fantastic going back over them - incredible accuracy! (Belinda)


That is awsome! Thank you so much and definitely spot on!! (Narelle)


I had the wonderful pleasure of having an amazing reading from this beautiful lady...information was given to me to help me move forward in areas of my life that I needed confirmation with. I highly recommend this lady for anybody who is considering having a session. Thank you so much for your insight, accuracy and much needed clarity!...xx (Anna)


When things happen out of the blue, the first thing I do is go back and search your emails. Sure enough you predicted about working in Egypt several times - you even predicted it would happen in January! TOTALLY INCREDIBLE AND ACCURATE predictions from you! (David, Canada)


My session with you gave me goosebumps! The excitement and pleasure I got out of today will amaze me for many years to come and I can't believe I couldn't look past my scepticisms and come sooner. I can't wait to start my lfe, and the thrill of knowing what I am able to achieve with my career goals in the media industry has me dumbfounded. I feel different, exhilarated and also a little frightened. The necessary changes that need to be made will not be small ones, but will be the right ones. The idea of moving to Melbourne, which I had thought about doing for a while but didn't have quite the nerve to get out of my comfort zone, has never been so appealing. I can't wait to get started living my life and become the woman you envisioned me to be. Thank you. Fnally I feel like my life is back on track and I can't wait to start playing the piano again. I have already recommended you to my closest friends who are also lost in their direction and I hope they have the same strength to believe in something more powerful and move forward with a positive outlook, just as you have done for me. (Natalie)


Thanks for the "Spot On"reading, you are amazing!! (Tahlia)


I had the pleasure of sitting with Mirium for a channelling session for the first time recently. Having never met me before, she was able to tell me certain details of my past and present with no prior knowledge, and was accurate. Some information given I was unsure of but when talking with my Mother, she knew exactly what it was. I was fortunate enough for Mirium to have contact with my Grandmother who has passed as well. I look forward to seeing if future events will transpire. I highly recommend Mirium :) (Somer)


Dearest Mirium - I came to you in April 2014. As time went/goes by I became/become more and more amazed by the accuracy of the channelled reading I received from you - predictions which I thought were far fetched then, but which are very, very real in my life today (June 2015), and I am looking forward to seeing how it is further going to unfold in my future. You passed with flying colours! You also revealed a few of my past lives, which confirmed my feeling of connectedness to certain effects, places, situations and people, also certain current skills, knowledge, interests and personality traits of mine disclosed to be attributes from these previous lifetimes. I got a better understanding of myself after visiting you - my current life is making more sense now. You are golden to mankind in their constant search for meaning, purpose and direction in their lives. Thank you Mirium with much love, Light and Blessings. (Riekie)


On the 17th of December 2014 I lost my best friend in a tragic accident where I was at the scene only minutes later. It was terrible. From that moment on something kept telling me to contact a clairvoyant. I Googled clairvoyant and Mirium came up. I rang Mirium and a time was organised to talk. When talking to Mirium a particular very unusual name came across - I knew then that she was in contact with him. It gave me great relief when she told me it was quick and he was surrounded with love. I knew that was right because we were all there with him. However it is still very hard to come to terms with my tragic loss. Mirium mentioned travel events we had been talking about, my dog and a lot of other things only he would know. In months to come I will talk to Mirium hopefully in person. What a great gift she has! (Diane) 


I spoke to my mother about the weekend. She was able to fill in some gaps for me and was totally blown away by the accuracy of everything. My brother was away for the weekend but I am sure he will be equally shocked with the messages for him and the kids. (Kim)   


Not sure if you remember but you said something about the pool and swimming lessons, then the Bonds undies everywhere...Well we had some visitors who had children so we went swimming (where they were giving swimming lessons), then later on that night one of the kids pulled heaps of my Bonds undies out of the drawer and had them all over the lounge, on the TV, trying them on...So made me think back to the reading. I feel heaps better and know it won't be scary making the changes to get happy again. You do amazing work and I bet help heaps of people to feel better about life! (Jodie)


Thanks so much for today - it was a really positive experience! Left me exhausted, skipped lunch and went home for a big nap:) Will definitely be reommending you, was really great! (Ash)   


Mirium, you read for me about 8 years ago and I found you to be spot on. I am desperately seeking guidance for events current and want to have some idea of future challenges etc. I hope you have been expecting me to contact you. Looking forward to hearing from you. (Anne)


Mirium is one of the most loveliest of souls I have met in a long time. Never met her face to face, only online, but her messages for me are accurate and her art work is phenomenal. (Jeannette, Wales UK)    


I have cried and cried after reading what you wrote and I see it as a release. xxx. I thank you so much - no words would ever be enough for what you have done for me. xoxoxox (Lisa Maree Pryor)


Mirium is one of the most spiritual and accurate channellers I have ever met. Her reading was so accurate that I could tick off everthing that happened like a check list. Highly recommended and highly regarded in the spiritual field. (Andrew)         


I can't thank you enough for helping me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is great to hear that I am in fact on the right path. (Rebecca QLD)  


Hello Mirium. I have been to you for readings before and have found you just wonderful. It's been a few years now and I would like another reading. (Joanne)


Mirium came highly recommended to me by a friend, years ago. Recently I had an opportunity to have a reading with Mirium and have been quite literally amazed at the accuracy and foresight which actually unfolded within the days following. I felt a real level of clarity coming from Mirium as a channel, and things that may not have meant anything at the time, to my surprise, quite literally appeared in my life in the following days and weeks to come. I would completely recommend Mirium, whether you are already on the spiritual path and just want to connect with your higher self for guidance or just for fun. It was a really rewarding and reassuring meeting and Mirium surely speaks from the heart. Thank you Mirium. (Ally)


I think about you often and wonder how you are. It's amazing what an impact on my life you had in such a short time. I remember your wonderful artworks and you teaching me a lot. Do you remember at the library in Wagga you sat at the piano and channelled a being and started playing amazing piano? I was a boy but I still remember that!! I'm now 29 and all grown up (although still trying to grow up!!) I just wanted to make contact with you and hear how you are. I would be overjoyed to hear from you. Having a spiritual focus and the guidance of my angels, which was mainly initiated and began through your guidance helped me through everything. Anyway, so many years have passed but at the end of the day I just want to say a very big thank you! (BJ, Canada)


I'd just like to say my name is Shannon and how grateful I am that we have people like Mirium in this world. She has helped me find direction in my life and made me see things in a lot clearer light, and I know so many other people she has helped by giving readings. When I arrived at her house for my reading she had already written two pages of information on me (which was all true). I was so amazed - in total I had 16 pages of writing and pictures.  I couldn't wait to go home and tell my Dad - he was such a sceptic until I showed him some of what Mirium wrote. Anyway, just today actually, Mirium helped me again above and beyond. A true light worker! You have given me hope and helped me make some very hard decisions.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Looking forward to another reading in the future. Xx (Shannon)


When I booked my reading with you I had no idea of what to expect but I found that I received so much information about my life that it blew me away. You mentioned the name of my childhood pet which I hadn't thought about in years and traits about my father that were not widely known. I went to you because I have lost direction in my life and after the session with you I am now looking into study and moving my life towards a more positve and spiritual way of living. Thanks to you, I am looking into Reiki healing and meditation to begin my new journey. Many thanks Mirium, I would recommend you to anyone seeking more meaning to their lives. (Jane)


SURPRISE - I HAVE JUST APPLIED FOR DOCTOR OF EDUCATION PROGRAM AT CALGARY UNIVERSITY. Mirium, this is precisely what you predicted. Last year in 2011, you wrote - "I am getting teaching for you. Professor, university, Calgary." (David, Canada)


The most accurate and specific reading I have had in years. Very genuine reader - the real deal! I would gladly go back in the years to come. (Andy)


After my girlfriend had an impressive reading with Mirium, on returning to Western Australia I contacted Mirium and we did a phone reading which was mind blowing and very accurate. Names of family and friends were right on the button as were a lot of the details. I have recommended her to several friends and have no hesitation in doing so. (Carolyn, Western Australia)


Ohmygosh...that's insane. Just today I was dreaming about travelling, and I started taking hypnotherapy classes after I wasn't sure if I wanted to do counselling/psychology, but I just now started considering it again. I could keep writing but a lot of this makes sense. Thank you so much.  Keep doing what you're doing. Seriously. You're good at what your do. I am very thankful. (Vicky, Idaho USA)

Greetings from Bogota, Columbia! In 2001, you predicted me in South America, and the reason why. These are your exact words...″Getting organic gardening, see tomatoes, also see map of South America...″ INCREDIBLE - I AM IN COLUMBIA FOR AN ORGANIC GARDENING BIOREMEDIATION ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECT TO CLEAN UP THE OIL FIELD PRODUCED WATER! (David, Canada)

Just had an amazing reading. Absolutely loved it. Absolutely lovely, genuine and a good heart. You are absolutely amazing and insightful. Thank you so so much - your reading is one I will always treasure. (Melissa Surridge, UK Psychic)


I first went to see Mirium in February 2012. I was a little nervous as I had never seen someone who could channel spirits before so I had no idea what to expect. My Dad had seen Mirium many times in the years prior to him passing away in 2009. He always spoke very positively about Mirium and had said that I would really benefit by seeing her one day. So three years later on the day that would have been his 48th Birthday I was standing on Mirium's door step. She answered the door and I instantly felt at ease. She was warm and friendly and there was a positive energy throughout the house that felt peaceful and comforting. The session started with a card reading where all the cards that were turned over related to something significant in my life. Mirium explained each card and why that particular card related to me. It was amazingly accurate. After the card reading Mirium prepared to channel spirits by envisioning a white light around us for protection. My Dad came through immediately with lots of important messages and guidance. As Mirium relayed what he was saying, gestures he was making and what he looked like it was exactly how I had remembered him. I was stunned at how specific some of these messages were such as "tell mum it's okay to move James to another school, she has been worried about it" and "Elise needs to work hard at Uni and believe in herself". I had also been worried about where my life was going and what the future had in-store. Mirium reassured me that I had chosen the right career path and that it would take me further then I could imagine. The session was everything I wanted and more. I left feeling content and unworried about the future. I was so happy that I got to talk to my Dad and was eager to go home and relay the messages to my family. Seeing Mirium was life changing as it opened up so many opportunities for me and allowed me to be confident in the path I had chosen to take in life. Thanks Mirium. (Bree)


Hey, thanks so much for the reading on my dream. You really put things into place for me. Everything you said was right. Anyways, I just really wanted to say I appreciate you - thank you. (Maria)


Dear Mirium - I want to let you know just how much you have helped me get through some very difficult times in my life. They were experiences I had to have to lead me to this point in my life - which is a pretty good place to be! I think about you a lot Mirium. I regularly re-read your notes to see what has unfolded and what is yet to unfold. Many of the things you told me about the soul partner I would meet indeed apply to my boyfriend. Thank you again for your wonderful insights! All the best. (Kathryn)


I have had readings from you before and would like to say how much I have appreciated your guidance - you have been extremely accurate indeed. Kind regards. (Debbie)     


My experiences with having Mirium read for me were truly enlightening.  Right from the get-go, she accurately picked up upon my own turbulent emotions and feelings at the time, offering not only advice gleaned from visions of future scenarios and events to come, but also kind friendly words of compassion and notions of eternal hope to spring forth in the near future. Speaking with Mirium is not an experience of that of a rigid customer-client model, but rather like an elucidating conversation taking place between two old friends whom have known each other for ages. Many of Mirium's short term revelations came to pass quickly within just a week's time with regards to events predicted, people to be seen my having contact with, and actual conversational topics and verbatim cliches or phrases spoken between myself and other people!  Mirium performed a superb job offering me insights into areas of life concerning career, finance, love, and family.  She will inform you of events spot on, as they really are, rather than what you simply want to hear; however, this is all carried on within a caring way with gentle finesse!  Not only does she perform wise counsel and insights like that of a close friend, but she is also a gifted artist in revealing to people the true energy that flows from within their own soul and energy centers.  One simply cannot go wrong with consulting with Mirium regardless of whatever areas or niches one needs advice upon.  You will wake away feeling not only more enlightened and wisely informed, but also more empowered with a sense of confidence, strength, and the ability to make necessary upcoming changes within one's own life!  (Steve, MA, USA)


Thank you Mirium! I don't know how you knew so much. You told me things that gave me goose bumps. How did you know so much about me? You gave me peace of mind and what direction I need to follow. Thank you so much - you are the best clairvoyant I have been to. (Sally)


Recently I had a reading from Mirium which was amazing and extremely accurate. I was stunned by the information she was giving me, things that nobody knows. My father passed away over 26 years ago. Mirium gave information about my father’s life in the army and what regiment he was in. Also she described him dressed as Santa, something he did before I was conceived which I knew nothing about. My mother confirmed this immediately after the reading. Names that she mentioned were of my sisters, friends and colleagues. She also knew of my recent trip to Sydney and details of my personal life that nobody knows. I have had many readings before which were somewhat accurate but this was different. Mirium gave me information regarding events soon to happen which have since been proved very true. I would thoroughly recommend Mirium to my family and closest friends – to anyone! Thank you Mirium you have given me a sense of the future with hope and promise. (Bernie)


You're very good. I hope one day I can be just as good. Thank you for your guidance Mirium. (Elizabeth, UK)


I have been going to Mirium for a reading for a number of years and her accuracy in the reading have impressed me each visit. Things going on in my life and the spiritual path that I was ging through she was spot on. Thanks Mirium. (Kathy)  


Your readings have gotten me through the last few years - the notes are so crumpled from me reading them. They gave me hope! I have seen you a couple of times. Firstly I would like to say thank you, your predictions have been so correct. My life is moving forward now as you suggested it would. I would love another reading with you. I am now living in Queensland, so it would have to be a phone reading. Would love to hear from you. (Sue)


I had my first reading from Mirium back in 2002. My life at that time was full of confusion and desperation. I was depressed and anxious to the point that I could not function. Her accuracy as to what was occurring in my life to make me feel such emotions was exceptional. She enabled me to open my eyes and realise that the confusion was in fact an illusion. I was in control, I just needed to look at the big picture. I did just that. I have been moving forward in my life ever since that fateful day. I am forever grateful to have witnessed her talents and to have received her guidance through which have been the most trying times of my life. (Debbie)


Genuine clairvoyance is a rare and special quality which only comes from real spiritual integrity. Mirium has given me accuracy and detail time and time again. Her spirit paintings are unique - such beautiful expressions of Spirit. I cannot commend her work highly enough. Mirium's readings provide guidance and direction when we are feeling just a little lost in life. (Naomi Ozaniec, UK - founder of 'The House of Life' and author of 'The Illustrated Guide To Tarot', 'The Way of Egyptian Wisdom', 'Meditation', and many other comprehensive volumes.


I have known Mirium since June 2001, I find that her readings have been incredibly ACCURATE. The following are some of her predictions that have come true.

June 16, 2001 Mirium Predicted: "Also get Japan... see large Buddhist statue, Japan"

July 09-19, 2002 ACTUAL: My girlfriend Ulrike, my daughter Lisa (17) and my son Michael (13) visited Tokyo. It was prompted in 2002 by my daughter to visit her Japanese exchange student friend from Tokyo.

June 16, 2001 Mirium Predicted: "Further travel Africa, Johannesburg safari, sightseeing"

Aug. 21, 2002 ACTUAL: My girlfriend Ulrike (from Vienna) and I travelled to Johannesburg to visit her family friend Elisabeth from Vienna, Austria who is a residence in Johannesburg. The next day on Aug. 22, 2002, Elisabeth drove us out of town to a 'Safari Park Restaurant' for lunch.

June 16, 2001 Mirium Predicted: "Taj Mahal, India"

Nov. 15, 2001 Minium Predicted: "Getting India for some reason"

Sept. 26, 2004 ACTUAL: Visited Taj Mahal, the next day attended the company GNPOC Board of Directors meeting in New Delhi.

Feb. 29, 2004 Mirium Predicted: "Also Canada, big, a new job offer... Sahara"

June 22, 2007 ACTUAL: Joined a Canadian oil company as a consulting planning manager in Algeria (80% of Algeria is Sahara Desert)

May 01, 2006 Mirium Predicted: "I see you on the Great Wall of China taking photos"

September 2006 ACTUAL: Visited the Great Wall of China. The next day attended the company GNPOC Board of Directors meeting in Beijing.

July 13, 2006 Mirium Predicted: "England another trip, HAMPTON?"

March 2007 ACTUAL: In England for a business meeting at SOUTHAMPTON.

I can easily list more than two (2) pages of Mirium predictions that have come true in my life. Now I do not question whether her predictions would come true. The only question I ask myself, "WHEN her predictions are going to come true?" - David Teh (A Canadian mechanical engineer/international consultant/seminar instructor/presenter of papers at the IPMA world conferences)


I first heard about Mirium in March 2007. At that time, I was recovering from the removal of a cancerous brain tumour and was amazed at the accuracy of her channelled message regarding my health. My sister-in-law had gone to Mirium for a consultation on the same afternoon that I was being transferred to Sydney for an operation to remove my cancerous, rapidly growing, and debilitating brain tumour - my prognosis at the time was not good. The message relayed by Mirium at that time was that I (the brother-in-law) was currently quite ill but that I would be treated in Sydney by an Asian doctor, and all would turn out well. I think she even pinned down the hospital to the Prince of Wales. As things turned out, I was operated on by (well known neurosurgeon) Dr Charlie Teo at the Prince of Wales Hospital and the brain tumor removal has since been hailed as a great success. One year on, I am feeling quite fit and healthy - although I am still recovering the use of my left arm and hand from such a traumatic illness. Follow up MRI scans indicate no recurrence of any cancer around the removal area. The whole event was certainly enough for me to consider that there is much more to life than meets the eye. Maybe my life was part of a grander plan, and maybe I did have spirit guides who knew more about the real me and where I was headed than I did.

Following what could only be described as a stunningly accurate channelling session and my equally miraculous survival, my wife decided that she would like to have a consultation with Mirium. That session too yielded many accurate and pertinent facts about our lives, and further convinced me that 'channelling', and Mirium's abilities, were the 'real deal'. So of course, I organised for my own consultation with Mirium which took place on Saturday 9 February 2008. I found much of what was channelled to be quite accurate and relevant to me. Mirium correctly stated that I had had some sort of head trauma and that I was still undergoing the healing process. All in all I consider the whole experience quite uplifting and illuminating. I was particularly touched to learn my life plan (it's so obvious once you're told) and that not only do I have spiritual guides, but just how much they love and care for me - I could genuinely sense that feeling. In the 4 years since first being diagnosed with a brain tumour, I have been led to many teachers and have discovered and learnt many things: about life and how we live it, and also how we can live it. I have learnt how to deal gracefully and with good humour with depression and despair, coping with epilepsy, and how to simply submit to the flow of the universe, and allow my life plan to unfold. I have changed from being an analytical sceptic to simply knowing my spirituality and 'beingness'. I am calmer, happier, more peaceful and more loving. In short, a better human being.

This is my story. Not all things need to end badly. As a first step along the way to rediscovering your own life I thoroughly recommend a consultation with Mirium. (Greg)


A reading with Mirium? Wow what an experience! The first time I met Mirium I was at a very strange place in my life. I had found myself in such inner turmoil and felt like I was losing the battle! I felt so lost and had so many questions about everything in my life. Chance has it that one of my close friends had gone to see Mirium for a reading. At this time I did not believe in all of that junk! But she spoke so highly of Mirium and the experience that it had me a little curious. It took me four weeks to talk myself into going for a reading. Who knew what might happen, after all I was so very lost? So here I was in the presence of this lovely lady Mirium, and what came forth from her amazing and astonishing gift was information about my past. How could she get it so spot on? And the interesting part of course, was my future to come! The things she had written down and told me, slowly, one by one have come true.

Here I am eight months later and my whole life has changed, just as she predicted! Wow, this chance meeting changed my life forever!!! The number one thing I took out of our time together was the amazing clarity I found as I left her house, the inner turmoil and questions seemed to fade into mere background noise in my mind, and I felt free and relaxed about my lovely future to come. I can't thank you enough Mirium!!! (Michael)


Thank you so very much for an amazing reading. Today was fantastic. (Nicole QLD)  


I have had a few sessions with Mirium and I thoroughly enjoyed each one. Mirium is welcoming and makes you feel at ease within moments of meeting her. I found that her readings were amazingly accurate and also very detailed. Mirium gives you a clear picture of your past, current and future life. I feel that she invests a lot of energy into each reading and this makes it a very worthwhile experience. It is very clear that Mirium is quite enthusiastic and proud of her psychic ability, and this shows in her readings. I would most certainly choose to visit Mirium again for her accuracy and complete professionalism. I often refer back to the notes that she made as this often confirms her amazing ability to get things right. I wish Mirium the best of luck as she continues to thrive in this amazing field which gives us a sense of purpose and satisfaction that we are on the right path. (Lisa)


I have known Mirium since 1996. She predicted that my partner would change his position in the workplace and enter a brand new field with his employer after applying for, and consequently not being appointed to positions in his old field of expertise. This new position would entail travelling to new areas and study at TAFE. All of these predictions are spot on.

Mirium predicted community service in a voluntary capacity resulting in paid casual work. This has led me onto better things whereby I am using my artistic talent.

Mirium also predicted that my daughter would marry after having her first child and a second child would arrive shortly after. My daughter met her future husband in 2001 and their wedding was postponed until after the birth of their first daughter, the second arriving within 15 months.

Mirium has given me many more predictions, but she has also given me messages from my departed father and brother. I knew instantly with whom she was in touch because of personal details known only to myself and my Dad and my dearly loved brother. (Carol)


I have known Mirium since 1998 and have required her 'special' and 'enhanced guidance' on many occasions. I can truthfully say that her sensitive nature enables her to achieve clarity of vision with a high degree of accuracy. Mirium has provided invaluable, vital and deeply personal information that has greatly assisted me in making important decisions during extremely difficult episodes in my life. Generous with her time, Mirium always encouraged me to be independent and self-determining, and to utilize or not utilize the information provided according to my needs and concerns. I am grateful to Mirium and intend to continue to use her special service in the future. (Kira)


I first met Mirium when I was encouraged to see her for a reading. At the time I was confused about my direction regarding work, family and money. Mirium reassured me that I was on the right path and that big changes were on the way. I see her as a very spiritual person who displays caring, sensitivity and a passion for what she does. She has guided me though many situations and I now share with her my life and its journey. Some predictions that have come about are:

A trip to Europe: I subsequently went overseas as a sales representative. This was totally unexpected. She also spoke of a strong connection with someone over there that proved correct. Another large trip predicted was a visit to Singapore. Drama and theatre were predicted for my daughter, which has come about and proven perfect for her.

Advice was given about my current career and a prediction involving business management, which has come about. A name given at that time led me to enquire about the position which has given me a financial boost and the confidence to once again go out into the work force after being a stay at home mum. I would not otherwise have approached the person named in the reading who had offered me a position in the past.

Names and descriptions of loved ones from the other side and messages given for both my husband and myself have proven accurate and given my family great comfort in the knowledge that life does continue indefinitely.

Countless other accurate examples have been given. I came to Mirium as someone who had no knowledge of spiritual matters, just a curiosity to see where my future lay. However I found an individual who shares everything she has with no concern for great financial reward. She always has the time to discuss any problems I may have, and give advice from the other side through her guides and angels.

She has also painted my spirit guide with a name I myself have picked up telepathically. Without Mirium's assistance I doubt I would be where I am now in life - comfortable in the knowledge of myself as the creator of my own destiny, with subsequent peace of mind. This inner journey is more important now to me than predictions, as I am now making my own spiritual connection through the study of Reiki. Mirium has also advised me of the importance of connecting to the 'highest' levels of spirit. This has proven invaluable to me and I am now able to set others on the right path. I cannot recommend Mirium highly enough. (Jenny)


A good friend recommended Mirium to me. I had just moved into town and was finding it difficult to find a house. Mirium advised me that I would find my perfect house in one of the areas I believed I would not be able to afford. But Mirium was right. She also advised me that both my children would complete university. At the time they were looking at deferring for a year - but they didn't, and have now completed their courses. She has been spot on with my home life, and my career has advanced as she predicted. I believe that my reading with Mirium was the best I have ever received. Things she advised me of 18 months ago are now happening. (Andrea)


I was not really sure what to expect when I went to my first reading with Mirium, but I felt so uplifted when she put me in touch with my Mum who had passed 10 years beforehand from cancer. My Mum, through Mirium, told of childhood songs, dances, pets and times that we had experienced. She also mentioned a famous Queensland sportsman, who is supposedly the father of my cousin - a big family secret!

I have since had two more readings which have proved to be spot on. Mirium has accurately predicted a promotion to my current position, how my daughter would fare in the HSC and what subjects she would be studying. She has again put me in touch with my Mum - the words channelled definitely from her. (Irene)